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The CZ trademark may be well-known to some and less to others but any one who knows their bike history will relate this brand with countless successes in motorcycle history, with more than 50 years of motorcycle sport successes in all race classes. CZ may be resided to the history books in terms of being a motorcycle manufacturer, but CZ is still a big contender in the production of Chains. CZ chains have been produced since 1929 and today offer a comprehensive range of high quality motorcycle chains. Continued development and experience gained from racing in various conditions, ensures they are here to stay!

The 'O-Ring' Chain

The 'O-Ring' chain from CZ Chains offers the user long durability and minimum maintenance as it's key advantages. Featuring solid bushings, high quality pin material combined with the use of chain lubricant ensures the high quality of this 'O' ring chain - suitable for both road and off-road motorcycles.

The X-Ring Chain

The X-Ring chain range is the highest quality chain currently available from CZ Chains. It's design utilises a specially shaped sealing ring, which safely seals the lubricant inisde the chain - helping to prolong the chains life-span due to its low frictional resistance of the 'X' shaped 'O' ring. The tensile strength of the 'SDZ' chain meets the ensures a superior product for the Supersport class of motorcycles.

The MX Chain

The chains are designed so that they comply with the hardest and most challenging racing conditions. The pins of MX types are equipped with the CRK coating with very hard carbides for wear reduction on the surface. The chains contain KSJ bushings for almost zero initial extension.