TechMoto Motorcycle Servicing in Sheffield

Motorcycle Servicing in Sheffield

Tel: 0114 258 1151

Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter Servicing in Sheffield

Techmoto has been providing servicing and MOTs to motorcycle and scooter owners in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area for over 15 years and caters for all makes including:

  • Kawasaki
  • Ducati
  • Honda
  • Sinnis
  • Chinese scooters
  • Vespa
  • BMW
  • Yamaha
  • LML scooters
  • Suzuki
  • Lambretta
  • Lexmoto

Our workshop is open and visible for you to see, setting the theme of how we operate at Techmoto. Experience covering over 15 years in this industry giving us the knowledge across every aspect of motorcycles, scooters, and their workings.

We are the leading Chinese sccoter dealer and service centre for all troubles and enquiries relating to this brand with unrivalled knowledge and access to enable us to repair and resolve any issues you have.

Attention to detail and a service to reflect the miles and usage you do rather than the fixed price menu approach ensures your motorcycle gets what it needs at the right price.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements,and book your motorcycle service or MOT.

Quality Motorcycle Servicing from Techmoto

Getting your motorcycle serviced can be a mine field: who to go to? What do I get? Menu Servicing? Prices? And what am I really getting for the money i pay? A nice main dealer stamp for piece of mind? But what are they actually doing... And am I getting value for money? Well here at Techmoto we don't do menu servicing, which is usually a long list of parts that are fitted for a given price. We would rather service your motorcycle with the parts that it needs baised on useage and miles ridden. That way your motorcycle gets serviced correctly and you don't pay for parts and labour that isn;t nessesary. Ensuring you great value for your money.

The key for us is regular motorcycle servicning to allow us to prevent rather than cure any issue you may have. So what parts do we fit when servicing your motrcycle? Well we use HIFLO for all our oil and air filters, probably the largest OE ( original equipment) manufacturer in the world, making oil and air filters for some of the great names in the motor industry. We use NGK for the spark plugs and use semi or fully synthetic oils from the leading suppliers.

During our servicing of your motorcycle we may have to remove and refit a cable or other part, say an indicator, or a mirror, maybe a break lever, which can be genuine or aftermarket, (AFTERMARKET) meaning to OE STANDARD but without the cost of THE GENUINE PART. Now for these parts we would only use our OE standard parts suppliers, ensuring that you get the performance you want with out the some times exsessive high prices of the genuine parts.

Motorcycle Servicing Schedules

Interim motorcycle service from £120
  • Oil & filter change
  • Brake calliper service
  • Chain lubricate and adjust
  • Chassis inspection
  • Lubrication of pivot pints
  • Lights and levels check
  • Tyre inspection condition of tread carcass
Full motorcycle service from £250
  • All the above and the following
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace brake fluid and re-bleed

Scooter Servicing Schedules

Basic scooter service from £50
  • Oil and filter change
  • Brake inspection
  • Tyre inspection
  • Lubricate pivot points
Interim service scooters from £80
  • Oil and filter change {model dependant}
  • Brake service
  • Lubrication of pivot points
  • Belt rollers & clutch inspection
  • Chassis inspection
  • Tyre inspection and pressures
Full service scooters from £120
  • All the above and the following:
  • Spark plug change
  • Brake fluid change
  • Air filter change
  • Possible belt and roller change dependant on condition @extra cost