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Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter Suspension

Motorbike, Scooter & Suspension in Sheffield

This is one area of your motorcycle where we can make significant gains in the way you cover the ground. Giving you more control a better feel and there fore a huge boost in confidence. This service is available for road and off road motor cycles. There are two main areas, spring weights and re valving: spring weights are what suspends the bike and your weight, the re valving is what controls the movement after. So with your weight including riding kit, we can supply the correct spring weight, then once we have talked about your style and type of riding we can determin the correct damping valving and oil weight. We offer this service for the front forks and the rear shock absorber, giving the bike a great balance.

Our service is available by post or by calling in to the shop.

Suspension for KTM and More

KTM EXC motorcycle front fork service

Your suspension does work hard every time your out riding, think of it like your engine running, constant. This suspension is what via the tyres is keeping you on the road, and controls how you ride on the road, or off road. so with this in mind we offer a suspension service for the front forks and the rear shocker.

Just like your engine they need a service, a suspension service. This on the front forks will consist of a seal and oil change which can be done the same day, we do offer a ride in ride out service where time allows. Your rear shock is more complicated and we can't offer this service on that basis, we would need your motorcycle over a few days.

we do offer a suspension service by post if you are further away from us, but would always like to see you in person. Our suspension service is avalable for, ktm yamaha, kawasaki honda bmw suzuki, trail, motorcross, enduro adventure motorcycles.

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