Michelin Pilot Rd 5 Road Test

We all know what the glossy brochures say , but here is my road test: Michelin Pilot Rd 5 BMW 1200gs lc 2015. Front Tyre 120/60 Zr19 Tyre pressure 34psi Rear dropping to a 160/Zr17 17 Tyre pressure 38psi. September 2019 Northern Spain #Jaca area.Daily temps 20 degs a high of 30 on a few days.

For the UK climate these tires are superb! Quick warm up giving confidence from the get go.
I love the thought that goes in to these Tires, the inch of slick right at the edge of the pilot rd 5, allowing more contact at high lean, after all who’s getting there in the wet!

The 2 CT compound giving even wear retaining tread pattern for longer and allowing a smooth turn in for longer as a result.I feel that most tires today out perform the riders ability in general, we trust in the engineering of the motorcycle and the tires. For those of us that can relax with spirited riding in the corners feed back and feel comes to you in abundance with the Michelin Pilot Rd 5. The 5 gives a much quicker turn in over the 4, sports bike sharp in fact which can be a little un nerving at first on the tall Bmw 1200 gs lc.Once settled in to the corner the grip levels are just amazing!The bike feels planted, and feed back is such that one can feel the side wall squeeze under throttle.It’s in the wet how ever that i feel this tire excels! Corner speeds only reducing by about 25%, and again lots of feel and feed back, road surface changes all coming back to the rider. Very confidence inspiring indeed, as we all feel a little edgy in the wet.